The Life Foods team is creating nutrient-packed foods from the finest organic superfood ingredients to heal, protect and strengthen your body. Our food products aim to provide you with a healthy dose of phytonutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed by your body on a daily basis.

We are not only creating the next generation of foods designed to help you pursue your goal of a healthy and balanced life but also re-imagining how you can customize and create foods suited to your own individual tastes and needs.

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"I am proud to say that the number one benefit from Leahi Health is more ENERGY".

-Jason Coleman, Health Advocate

Fruits, whole grains, vegetables, legumes are high in complex carbohydrates and will ENERGIZE your body.

Health is our greatest Wealth!

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Green Rows Farm is nestled under the Ko'olaus in beautiful Waimanalo on the island of O'ahu. The farm is managed and cared for by Kai Hinson and Sean Anderson; two young farmers dedicated to regenerative practices, excited by O'ahu's local food movement, and enthusiastic about getting dirty, having fun, and growing delicious food. Look for us at the Kailua Farmer's Market, Sunday morning from 8:30am - 12pm

Discounts on organic produce for participants of Living Foods Challenge. Welcomes all for wednesday volunteer day.

VJs Butcher Block provides a large variety of 100% grass finished beef cuts from Molokai, organic chicken, eggs and lamb from here on the North Shore and a large assortment of wild caught fish from the Islands.. Never contains any added hormones, dyes or steroids. Please see our menu below (general information section) for all beef cuts we carry. The cattle operation is 100% grass-fed, uses homoepathics for cattle health, and incorporates biodynamics. Beef eat only pasture forage and minerals essential for their good health. Farmers emphasize grass-based genetics and raise their own calves until they are individually selected for harvest. Special management is invested in the finishing of cattle on our lush grasses to ensure a high quality product. 

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Growing healthy vegetables using proven farming techniques and environmentally sound practices. In doing so, we will provide the community with natural, locally grown vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices, and plants. 

we believe in clean, healthy plants and soil - achieved through sustainable farming and continued education.    Natural, organically grown, local !  

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Operating thriving grocery store in accordance with cooperative principles and promote healthy, sustainable living in Hawai'i.

15% off for participants of Living Foods Challenge.​

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Delivering Fresh Local Produce To Your Doorstep

O`ahu Fresh provides a $20 market bag filled with local fruits and vegetables delivered right to your doorstep or dropped off at convenient locations. The bag varies week to week, depending on availability and season of the produce. We order all of our produce directly from local Hawaii farmers. 

Waiving the $15 one time sign up fee for any Living Foods Challenge Participants.

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